Keynote Tony Hughes (Huthwaite International)

In this key note address, Huthwaite International CEO Tony Hughes will show how the skilful deployment of specifically identifiable verbal behaviours helps professional sales people to win more. Those who base their sales strategies and tactics on these recordable and measurable behaviours are known to produce consistently better outcomes, whichever part of the sales or negotiation cycles they find themselves in. Tony will discuss the research, which began as cross-sector, international observational analysis and continues to this day, with global studies of current practice. He will look at impacts of the changed behaviour in a variety of commercial settings. And he will show how modern training and reinforcement techniques of many kinds can equip individuals and organisations with a measurable increase in sales effectiveness.  


De presentatie van Key Note Spreker Tony Hughes tijdens het Sales Event 2015, is op onze website te vinden.


Profielfoto, Tony Hughes “Without sales there is no business” says Tony. In fact, Huthwaite’s research proves the companies that not only survive, but thrive, are those that develop a wholly sales-centric culture. 


Tony is an authority in Verbal Behaviour Analysis (VBA) and its application in business development. His focus is on how VBA can help organisations to sell, negotiate and communicate more effectively.


In 1998, Tony became Managing Director of Huthwaite International and The Huthwaite Group of companies. Before this, Tony personally designed, implemented and delivered behaviour change projects in sales, negotiation and communication skills to 1000s of people across 29 countries and in 3 continents.


Huthwaite International’s research never stops, and this gives Tony a wealth of best practice to share with a wide range of audiences, from teaching faculty to international sales directors, sales negotiators to procurement professionals